Want to make a nice gift to a Cognac lover? You decide to go into research, but you do not know which cognac to choose or more simply you do not know the different appellations. Do not search anymore ! Here you are in the category of Napoleon Cognacs.

Cognac is one of the eaux-de-vie of Charente wines with a controlled designation of origin (AOC) and resulting from a strict traditional distillation method which is double heating in a Charentais still. The winegrowers make this eau-de-vie of wine which comes mainly from the Ugni-Blanc grape must but it is possible to find Colombard and Folle Blanche. However this is not to be confused with Armagnac which has been distilled in stills. Time must act. This long moment allows the Eau-de-Vie to pass from a clear color to a beautiful amber color. The brandies that deserve it will spend several years in these barrels. They will start with new barrels and finish with red barrels.

The share of Angels is compulsory for the aging of Eaux-de-Vie in barrels in the cellars. It allows you to obtain, depending on the humidity of the cellar, different tasting notes. The Part of the Angels is the loss that allows the gain because what evaporates gives what remains an exceptional quality.

This is why we find in cognacs fruit aromas with more finesse. Among all the terroirs, it is a spirit specific to its vineyard with a strong aromatic diversity. You should also know that cognac occurs in several vintages like Grande champagne, Fine champagne, petite champagne, (more info here). Some older vintage cognacs or old stocks even have their own decanter and are entirely intended for tasting.

What is a Napoleon Cognac? Quite simply, it's a cognac that will have aged 6 years. It’s the little brother of XO (Extra Old) cognacs.

A Napoleon cognac can be drunk dry or as a cocktail (Papagallo: Campari, Cognac, strawberry liqueur). The fruity aroma of a Napoleon and its smell are unique (depending on the vines, its brand, its age, etc.).

So if you're looking for a gift, you've come to the right place! To consume as an aperitif or as a digestive, it is in this category that you will find your happiness!

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Here are some examples of our Napoleon cognacs

Cognac Jean Fillioux - Napoleon Eden

A delicious classic from the Grande Champagne region!

The Jean Fillioux Napoléon Cognacs are located between VSOP and XO, and show a beautiful aromatic range for such young cognacs. Served in a magnificent Eden red and gold carafe “An extremely present Cognac”.

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Cognac Deau - Napoleon "Cigar Blend"

Six long years. This is the minimum time necessary for aging this young XO, resting 50% in red barrels, then 50% in new barrels. All the care taken in this Cognac makes it an emblem of the Deau collection from the Distillery of the Moisans, and of its know-how. Rich, with warm and masculine notes, this Napoleon Cigar Blend has been designed to satisfy lovers of spirits and cigars. And it’s a success.

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Cognac Voyer - Napoleon Grande Champagne

A magnificent Cognac, blended from Grande Champagne spirits, 12 to 20 years old by Maison Voyer. “The intense nose exudes vanilla, plum, but also wild flowers. The mouth, powerful and sweet, envelops the taste buds with warm notes of wood, raisins, vanilla, candied citrus. A great classic to savor as a digestif "Cuisine et Vins de France, November 2011.

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