What is a XO cognac and why?

Want to make a nice gift to a Cognac lover? You decide to start your research, but you do not know which cognac to choose or more simply you do not know the different appellations. Do not search anymore ! Here you are in the category of XO Cognacs.

Cognac is one of the eaux-de-vie of wines with a controlled designation of origin (AOC) and resulting from a strict traditional distillation method which is double heating in a Charentais still. The winemakers make this eau-de-vie from wine which comes mainly from the Ugni-Blanc grape must but it is possible to find Colombard and Folle Blanche. However this is not to be confused with Armagnac which has been distilled in stills.

This is why we find aromas with more finesse in cognacs. Among all the terroirs, it is a spirit specific to its vineyard with a strong aromatic diversity. You should also know that cognac occurs in several vintages such as Fine champagne, petite champagne ( more info here ). Some cognacs (the oldest or the old reserve) even have their own carafe and are entirely intended for tasting.

What is Cognac XO? Quite simply, it's an Extra Old cognac that will have a minimum of 10 years of aging in oak barrels. The terms XO, VSOP, VS are indications of aging which are calculated in years and counted from April 1st The Extra Old is the big brother of VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) and thanks to its complexity, we prefer to consume it in its simplest, dry device, to appreciate all the purity of this "Extra Old liqueur".

An Extra Old cognac can be tasted, that's why it is best to drink it dry, because its aromas and smell are complex and unique (depending on its brand, age, etc.). This is why the price of an XO cognac is justified. It is an alcohol having waited ten years to finally be bottled!

So if you're looking for a gift for a tasteful lover, you've come to the right place! To consume as an aperitif or as a digestive, it is in this category that you will find your happiness!

So for your purchase of XO Extra Old Cognac, trust us! We select our products carefully in order to offer you the best tastes and the best cognacs available.




Here are some examples of great Cognac XO that we recommend:

Braastad Cognac XO Fine Champagne:

This XO cognac contains 25 years old cognac from the first 2 vintages: Grande and Petite Champagne

This Cognac XO contains 25 years old cognac with an aging of just under 20 years. Fine Champagne proves that at least half of the cognac in the blend comes from the Grande Champagne region and the rest comes from Petite Champagne.

Braastad XO received the silver medal in the category for Fine Champagne XO in international wine and spirit competition in London

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Upon opening, we discover a balanced bouquet with nuances of flowers and honey

This high-quality cognac will satisfy the greatest connoisseurs.

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Cognac Voyer XO GOLD

Under the leadership of Pierre Vaudon, Cellar Master at the Voyer estate, real treasures are shaped - including this legendary Voyer XO Gold Cognac.

"François VOYER's house calling card, XO Gold cognac is recognized in its category, several times gold medalist in the main international competitions." Thus, the finesse of this XO Gold Cognac is no longer to be proven, praised by the specialized international press, such as the Revue du Vin de France, or the magazine Cuisine et vins de France.

Its long aging in oak barrels gives it aromas of vanilla, spices and candied fruit. It will seduce you with its great length in the mouth and a smoothness worthy of an old cognac.


In Tasting: 


The floral notes of the young spirits fade, giving way to more full-bodied flavors of dried fruit, candied fruit and spices. Vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and pepper are mentioned. After this first fire, the delicious notes of wood appear, characteristic of aging in oak barrels. If you pay attention, you can find various surprising flavors, such as notes of passion fruit.

In the sensations in the mouth, the movement oscillates between power and refined smoothness. This Cognac displays all the nobility and vigor of its Grande Champagne origins, however its advanced age allows it to offer its palette of aromas very gently.

A word from Maison Voyer:

"First of all, appreciating this Cognac takes time - Pierre Vaudon would point out to you. First, allow this Cognac 10 minutes in the glass.

Appreciate its red dress with mahogany reflections. Discover its gourmet and complex bouquet. Know how to taste it with all the patience and attention it deserves. "

References :

Gold Medal at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, with 94/100 points.

Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, in March 2012 

"Best in Class" mention at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London in 2008

Nominated at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in 2008

Nominated at the International Spirit Challenge in London in 2007 and 2008


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Cognac XO - DEAU

The benchmark in the area of ​​Moisans. A Cognac rich in aromas and beautifully balanced.

The success of this Cognac XO is in its blend of Petite Champagne and Fins Bois brandies. The youngest of these spirits have waited in red casks for at least 10 years.

The Carafe, imagined by Véronique Legaret, is also unique. Its asymmetrical lines give it its energy and its elegance, communicating the values ​​of the Distillery of the Moisans: Rarity and elegance.


Harmonious, rich and generous, Le Grande frere du Deau Very Superior Old Pale has its say with its many years of aging in oak barrels.

In tasting:

The tasting opens with an amber ball, almost mahogany, recalling both the red barrel in which this XO has aged, but also the roof of the workshop built by Roland Bru.

The nose lets us see a beautiful aromatic richness, with its floral and fruity universe, with notes of violet, jasmine, lychee and plums.

On the palate, the balance and the power of this Cognac are perfectly mastered. First, notes of nuts, cocoa beans and coffee appear. Then, in a second step, come more masculine and musky notes, in particular of leather and cigar box.

This magnificent Deau XO is one of the towers of the Moisans Distillery.

Service Tips:

Rich and balanced, this XO is pleasant to taste dry, at room temperature, or accompanied by an ice cube.

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