copy of Cognac Frapin "Multimillésime n°6" XO

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This Multimillésime n ° 6 XO is one of the jewels of the Frapin Cognac House. It is an exceptional combination of three vintage cognacs, forming a perfect harmony. This refinement allows this drink to show great aromatic richness: fruity notes, wood, flowers, and even spices !


This Multimillime No. 6 XO is a treasure made the Frapin House.

This jewel comes from the exceptional combination of three vintage cognacs, 1986-1988-1991, cleverly selected to make this extraordinary harmony.

At first sight it seduces with a bright dress, with yellow-orange hues. When one pays attention to its nose, it manifests exotic fruit flavors. Then aromas of dried fruits, such as apricot and fig.

Once in the mouth, it evokes notes of vanilla, liquorice, but also Charentais Rancio - brought by the richness of these three vintages.

This Cognac plays the card of finesse and delicacy, then reveals a power and an astonishing persistence. The 1986 vintage brings fruity notes of fig and grapefruit. But also floral notes, adding to this vintage a great aromatic persistence.

The year 1988, on the other hand, brings touches of Rancio and wood, to form the frame of this formidable XO. Finally, the year 1991 brings a final touch of delicacy: aromatic accents of candied fruit, apricot, orange, but also honey and spices!

"We have to give our cognac time to express itself."
Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

The tip of tasting proposed by the castle: "This Multimillésimé reveals all its organoleptic secrets once airy and cut with a tiny hint of water."

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Grande Champagne
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70 cl
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Fruity Hints
Candied Fruits
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