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Boldness and Singularity. Cognacs between Tradition and Modernity.


In 1872, Julien Dupont founded the company J. Dupont. He started to sell his Cognacs in 1878. These Cognacs will witness the breath of modernity that blows on the Belle Epoque and the Roaring Twenties. "Boldness and openness punctuate the sense of the history of the House J.Dupont" tells Charlynne Zirah at Sommeliers

Michel Boinaud, a very close friend of the Dupont family, bought this house in 1994 - to associate it with his own company. Thus, the Boinaud family, producers of Cognac in the Grande Champagne since 1640, watch today on the J. Dupont estate. His expertise allows him to guarantee a collection of fabulous cognacs.

To know: the Boinaud family also owns the De Luze Cognac House.

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Cognac J. Dupont "Art Déco" XO

Among the two signature Cognacs of J. Dupont Cognac House : here is the Art Deco XO Cognac. From the vines of Grande Champagne, this 1er Cru de Cognac was elaborated by the expert hand of the cellar master of the Boinaud family - which gives it incomparable taste and sensations.

The care given to this Cognac will earn him three prizes between 2014 and 2015, in London, Paris and San Francisco.

Price €157.00

Cognac J. Dupont "Art...

Among the two Cognac signature of the J. Dupont Cognac House : here is the Art Nouveau VSOP. Are you looking for a "Pleasure” Spirits ? Do not search anymore. This VSOP Cognac will be the perfect companion for coffee and dessert at the end of a family meal!

This Cognac 1er cru from Grande Champagne reveals very pleasant, intense and harmonious notes.

Price €57.00

copy of Cognac J. Dupont...

This 88 Vintage is one of the treasures of the J. Dupont House. In fact, less than 100 bottles have been produced.

This fabulous Cognac will surprise you, thanks to its fruity and spicy notes, and its marvelously balanced sensations.

Price €160.00