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The history of the Paul Giraud House

Located in Bouteville, in the heart of Grande Champagne, since the 17th century, the Giraud family has perpetuated its skills from father to son for generations. This succession of generations has been a well of old cognacs, which guarantees today to the family a constant quality of eaux-de-vie.

An Ancestral Expertise

The Bouteville village, nestled in the valleys of the Premier ru of Cognac, is renowned for the delicacy of its eaux-de-vie.

“In order to preserve the quality of Ugni-blanc grapes, we are among the last to maintain the tradition of manual harvesting. We take great care in the winemaking and distillation we do at the property. The aging in oak barrels is of paramount importance because it brings all its nobility to our product. Our particularly moist cellars give exceptional suppleness and softness to our cognacs.”


Numerous awards and medals attest to the excellence of Paul Giraud cognacs. Here are some of the most recent ones:

2012 - X.O. - Gold Medal at the Independant Winegrowers Contest
2010 - V.S.O.P. - Gold Medal at the Independant Winegrowers Contest
2009 - V.S.O.P. - Gold Medal at the General Agricultural Competition
2009 - V.S.O.P. - Silver Medal at the Independant Winegrowers Contest

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Cognac Paul Giraud - "Old Reserve" XO

A real gateway into the world of "real" Cognac, this Paul Giraud XO kept in barrels for about 25 years is soft and very flexible.
This Cognac, pure, balanced, and shows a marvellous elegance. Its multitude of fruity flavors will be perfect to accompany desserts and sorbets.

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5/ 5

Cognac Paul Giraud "Very Rare"

An amazing Cognac offered by the Paul Girud House. This "Très Rare" has remained 40 years in oak barrels, to offer this eau-de-vie Premier Cru Grande Champagne.

Manly and spicy aromas, as well as a magnificent complexity when tasting. A confidential Cognac, “a name whispered only among hedonists”  - cf. The French Wine Review (RVF), April 2009

Price €149.00
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5/ 5