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Cognac De Luze "Alfred Fine...

De Luze House, now managed by the Boineau family, offers us this powerful Cognac, named after the domain founder : Lord Alfred De Luze.

During the tasting, it will mainly offer hot and dry notes. This Alfred Fine Champagne will pleasantly surprise you with its powerful and masculine finish.

Price €44.00

Cognac Meukow XO

The Meukow XO Cognac is the fruit of a high-quality blend. It’s a powerfull delight. The symbol of the Meukow House.

Thanks to the talent of Anne Sarteaux, Master Blender since 2007, that the spirits of Grande and Petite Champagne are perfectly assembled, to reach an balance between power and flexibility which characterizes Meukow cognacs.

Price €125.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux Moulin...

The 19th century is coming to an end. Paris, with its ballet of light and cancan, is immortalized by the painter Toulouse-Lautrec. At the same time, in the calm hills of Charente, the House of Cognac Jean Fillioux is born.

It is from the meeting of Cognac and Cabaret worlds that the Jean Fillioux Moulin Rouge XO appeared : a dazzling and magical ballet of aromas and flavors. This Cognac is a tribute to more than a century of tradition and expertise.

This fruity and subtle Cognac will impress even the most experienced palate !

Price €182.00

Cognac Philbert "Dovecote"...

This "Dovecote" Cognac takes its name from the exceptional plot where the grape is produced : a hill dominated by a medieval dovecote.

"We created the Dovecote, a Cognac obtained by assembling eaux-de-vie from a unique terroir, at the top of a hill, the plot of the dovecote. It is an ideal place for the grape to grow, since there are a perfect exposure to sun and clay-limestone soil assimilating the water in summer. " Xavier, Philber Brother

Price €55.00

Cognac Deau Napoléon "Cigar...

Six long years. This is the minimum time necessary for this young XO aging, resting at 50% in red barrels, then 50% in new barrels. All the care brought to this Cognac makes it an emblem of the Deau collection, and shows the skills of the Moisans Distillery.

Rich, with warm and masculine notes, this Napoleon Cigar Blend has been designed to satisfy lovers of spirits and cigars. And it's a success ...

Price €79.00

Cognac Deau XO

The reference of the Moisans Estate. A beautifully balanced Cognac.

The success of this XO Cognac is in its blend of eaux-de-vie from Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. The youngest of these eaux-de-vie have been waiting in red casks for at least 10 years.

The carafe, designed by Véronique Legaret, is also unique. Its asymmetrical lines give it its energy and elegance, communicating the values of the Moisans Distillery : Rarity and Elegance.

Price €150.00