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Cognac Frapin...

This Multimillésime n ° 6 XO is one of the jewels of the Frapin Cognac House. It is an exceptional combination of three vintage cognacs, forming a perfect harmony. This refinement allows this drink to show great aromatic richness: fruity notes, wood, flowers, and even spices !

Price €349.00

Cognac J. Dupont "Art Déco" XO

Among the two signature Cognacs of J. Dupont Cognac House : here is the Art Deco XO Cognac. From the vines of Grande Champagne, this 1er Cru de Cognac was elaborated by the expert hand of the cellar master of the Boinaud family - which gives it incomparable taste and sensations.

The care given to this Cognac will earn him three prizes between 2014 and 2015, in London, Paris and San Francisco.

Price €157.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux 1994...

Harvested and distilled in 1994, this Cognac has been aged in French oak barrels, in a wet cellar.

In this 1994 Jean Fillioux Cognac, the nose is a singular experience. Its initial bouquet is powerful and long. And its subtle aromas move very subtly on the palate. Once again the Jean Fillioux House offers us a magnificent tasting Cognac.

"This vintage Cognac shows exceptional qualities for such a price - a great addition to any cognac chest"

Price €96.00

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

A raw Cognac of red cask, which reveals a beautiful elegance. The Ragnaud Sabourin House offers us a typical Grande Champagne Cognac, with an intense Rancio.

An powerful Cognac, superbly balanced between mature notes and freshness. This Florilège will make you feel all the power of its barrel !

Price €155.00

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

A real tribute to the domain founder Gaston Briand. Indeed this Cognac N ° 35 Fontvieille elaborated by the Ragnaud Sabourin House is named after the oldest parcel of the field.

The alchemy of blending also follows the will of the first cellar master : a perfect marriage between Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard, which brings to this drink a wonderful balance.

Price €111.00

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

Among the young Cognacs of the Ragnaud Sabourin House, this VSOP is a tribute to its origins as a Premier Cru of Cognac in Grande Champagne.

We are dealing here with a Cognac with exceptional sweetness, generosity and focused on vanilla and spices. Lovers of round and perfumed Cognacs please take note !

Price €44.50

Cognac Philbert Rare Cask...

At the source of this rare Cognac Rare Cask Finish : the original sin of the Philbert House, the reinterpretation of the ancestral Cognac aging method.

This Cognac has been aged in oak barrels of Sauternes, which offers this cognac all its exotic notes. Fresh aromas, fruity and exotic.

Lovers of surprising Cognacs : this Cognac Philbert Brothers will not leave you indifferent.

Price €49.00

Cognac Deau L.V.O. "La Vie...

Life in Gold, the Taste of Elegance and Refinement.

The very high-end Cognac from the Deau collection, in the most beautiful carafe.

This Cognac La Vie en Or comes from the higher-quality eaux-de-vie of Grande Champagne. The carafe, as such, was covered with fine 24-carat gold leaves in the famous Arthus Bertrand workshop.

A spirit with a magnificent palette of sensations and aromas. A spirit that embodies the art of excellence.

Price €5,000.00