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Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

A raw Cognac of red cask, which reveals a beautiful elegance. The Ragnaud Sabourin House offers us a typical Grande Champagne Cognac, with an intense Rancio.

An powerful Cognac, superbly balanced between mature notes and freshness. This Florilège will make you feel all the power of its barrel !

Price €155.00

Cognac Voyer XO 1er Cru

This XO Cognac is a good start for novices, while remaining very attractive for connoisseurs !

Strong element of the Voyer collection, this XO Premier Cru is a must-try. Pierre Vaudon, brilliant Cellar Master for the Voyer House, has been in charge of this assembly of 10 to 25 years old eaux-de-vie.

This alchemy allows us to discover this XO in Premier Cru Grande Champagne. Two words : Power and Flexibility. This Cognac is presented in a carafe of 70cl.

Price €73.00

Cognac Deau "Louis Memory"...

This high-end Cognac is a jewel. It was developed in tribute to the man who founded the Moisans Estate in 1685 : Louis Deau.

This Cognac Louis Memory Hors-d'âge is made from old and rare eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, the most prestigious terroir of Cognac.

Price €350.00