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Cognac ABK6 - Honey Cognac...

The perfect fusion between typical Cognac and powerful honey, proposed by the House Francis Abecassis.

This Cognac Honey Liqueur is the first liqueur of Cognac honey. It offers a remarkable elegance and a great refinement. In mouth, its arrival is floral, then brings touches of candied orange and spices.

Finally, it will surprise you with vanilla and toffee flavours !

Our tip : drink it preferably on the rocks.

Price €37.00

copy of Cognac Meukow XO

The Meukow XO Cognac is the fruit of a high-quality blend. It’s a powerfull delight. The symbol of the Meukow House.

Thanks to the talent of Anne Sarteaux, Master Blender since 2007, that the spirits of Grande and Petite Champagne are perfectly assembled, to reach an balance between power and flexibility which characterizes Meukow cognacs.

Price €54.00