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  • Brand: Maison Jean Fillioux

Cognac Jean Fillioux "N°1"

Jean Fillioux N°1 Cognac : discretion and exception.

This 60 years old Cognac is distributed in a very confidential way, produced only in very small volumes.

That’s because it is a piece of exception : fresh and fruity.  Charming notes of vanilla spices. A wide and powerfull attack but devoid of aggressiveness.

A classy spirituous contained in a 50cl bottle. Discover the power of this Grande Champagne Cognac, reserved for the most discerning connoisseurs.

Price €159.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux...

Here is the Vintage 1953, an exceptional Cognac made by the Jean Fillioux House.

This wonderful Cognac is a piece of art. Dried floral notes, old spices bathed in pleasant warmth. An aroma of wood and leather, typical of the best old Cognacs.

A charentais spirit full of emotion. "If Cognac had a soul, this Vintage 1953 would be its incarnation".
Be careful, this Cognac is a very limited and confidential edition.

Price €444.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux Kristof V

After 12 years of training alongside his father, Christophe Fillioux has recently became one of Jean Fillioux’s blender masters.

To celebrate this event, he presents his very first creation : the impressive Kristov V ! This Cognac will transport you with its creamy touch, along with its fruity and biscuit notes.

This edition is strictly limited to less than 500 bottles of type Decanter.

Price €160.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux Moulin...

The 19th century is coming to an end. Paris, with its ballet of light and cancan, is immortalized by the painter Toulouse-Lautrec. At the same time, in the calm hills of Charente, the House of Cognac Jean Fillioux is born.

It is from the meeting of Cognac and Cabaret worlds that the Jean Fillioux Moulin Rouge XO appeared : a dazzling and magical ballet of aromas and flavors. This Cognac is a tribute to more than a century of tradition and expertise.

This fruity and subtle Cognac will impress even the most experienced palate !

Price €182.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux So...

At the heart of the most beautiful and most typical lands of Grande Champagne, The Jean Fillioux House is a reference in the world of Cognac. This beautiful estate of 25 hectares produces the finest eaux-de-vie, under the"Premier Cru de Cognac" appellation.

And this elegant Elegant Cognac XO is not an exception. Floral, lively and voluptuous, in a word: Elegantissime !!

Price €107.50

Cognac Jean Fillioux 1994...

Harvested and distilled in 1994, this Cognac has been aged in French oak barrels, in a wet cellar.

In this 1994 Jean Fillioux Cognac, the nose is a singular experience. Its initial bouquet is powerful and long. And its subtle aromas move very subtly on the palate. Once again the Jean Fillioux House offers us a magnificent tasting Cognac.

"This vintage Cognac shows exceptional qualities for such a price - a great addition to any cognac chest"

Price €96.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux Star...

A great Cognac made for the fine mouths and the hedonists.

Indeed, this Star Gourmet cognac from the Jean Fillioux House was developed to be served with desserts and pastries ! It will be perfect to accompany almond cakes, like an epiphany cake or a pithiviers. But it will also delight all guests alongside brownies and desserts with chocolates!

This Cognac is dedicated to dessert lovers, in search of the perfect spirits for this moments of pleasure and sharing.

Price €87.50

Cognac Jean Fillioux...

A delicious classic from the Grande Champagne terroir !

The Cognacs Napoléon from Jean Fillioux are located between the VSOP and XO, and show a beautiful aromatic range for such young cognacs.

Served in a beautiful red and gold Eden carafe.

"An extremely present Cognac" - Axel & Bibiana Behrendt, Cognac, the Amateur's Guide

Price €63.50