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"Like every piece of art, every Cognac is unique."
Discover now our collection directly coming from the Spirits Valley.


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Cognac ABK6 - Honey Cognac...

The perfect fusion between typical Cognac and powerful honey, proposed by the House Francis Abecassis.

This Cognac Honey Liqueur is the first liqueur of Cognac honey. It offers a remarkable elegance and a great refinement. In mouth, its arrival is floral, then brings touches of candied orange and spices.

Finally, it will surprise you with vanilla and toffee flavours !

Our tip : drink it preferably on the rocks.

Price €37.00

Cognac De Luze "Alfred Fine...

De Luze House, now managed by the Boineau family, offers us this powerful Cognac, named after the domain founder : Lord Alfred De Luze.

During the tasting, it will mainly offer hot and dry notes. This Alfred Fine Champagne will pleasantly surprise you with its powerful and masculine finish.

Price €44.00

copy of Cognac Voyer - "The...

The Grande Champagne is a wealthy terroir, and “The Ancestral” is one of its witnesses.

This n°7 Batch created by The Voyer House is a blend of 50 to 80 years old eaux-de-vie. "It respects the very high level of our high-end collection, I am proud to present it today" Pierre Vaudon, cellar master for the Voyer House.

Beware, this rare collection is available in 142 bottles only - and the lot is already partly reserved!

Price €14.90

Cognac Frapin...

This Multimillésime n ° 6 XO is one of the jewels of the Frapin Cognac House. It is an exceptional combination of three vintage cognacs, forming a perfect harmony. This refinement allows this drink to show great aromatic richness: fruity notes, wood, flowers, and even spices !

Price €349.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux "N°1"

Jean Fillioux N°1 Cognac : discretion and exception.

This 60 years old Cognac is distributed in a very confidential way, produced only in very small volumes.

That’s because it is a piece of exception : fresh and fruity.  Charming notes of vanilla spices. A wide and powerfull attack but devoid of aggressiveness.

A classy spirituous contained in a 50cl bottle. Discover the power of this Grande Champagne Cognac, reserved for the most discerning connoisseurs.

Price €159.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux...

Here is the Vintage 1953, an exceptional Cognac made by the Jean Fillioux House.

This wonderful Cognac is a piece of art. Dried floral notes, old spices bathed in pleasant warmth. An aroma of wood and leather, typical of the best old Cognacs.

A charentais spirit full of emotion. "If Cognac had a soul, this Vintage 1953 would be its incarnation".
Be careful, this Cognac is a very limited and confidential edition.

Price €444.00

Cognac J. Dupont "Art...

Among the two Cognac signature of the J. Dupont Cognac House : here is the Art Nouveau VSOP. Are you looking for a "Pleasure” Spirits ? Do not search anymore. This VSOP Cognac will be the perfect companion for coffee and dessert at the end of a family meal!

This Cognac 1er cru from Grande Champagne reveals very pleasant, intense and harmonious notes.

Price €57.00

Cognac J. Dupont "Art Déco" XO

Among the two signature Cognacs of J. Dupont Cognac House : here is the Art Deco XO Cognac. From the vines of Grande Champagne, this 1er Cru de Cognac was elaborated by the expert hand of the cellar master of the Boinaud family - which gives it incomparable taste and sensations.

The care given to this Cognac will earn him three prizes between 2014 and 2015, in London, Paris and San Francisco.

Price €157.00

Cognac Frapin "Chateau...

Here is an amazing XO proposed by the Frapin House. This Fontpinot Cognac bears the title of Château because it is produced exclusively within the Domaine Fontpinot. It is therefore a Château Premier Cru 100% Grande Champagne in Old Reserve.

Armed with a beautiful golden and autumnal dress, it will surprise you with its complexity. First by notes of candied fruit and Rancio. Then with fruity, woody and finally floral aromas - in a superb length.

Price €118.80

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

This Cognac proposed by the Ragnaud Sabourin House is a 100% Premier Cru of Grande Champagne, distilled from grapes of Ugni Blanc only. He has been sleeping for more than 20 years in humid cellars by the experts of Annie Ragnaud Sabourin.

This is a relatively demanding Cognac, more difficult to apprehend than a classic one. He is stronger and has a slight bitterness. And this is the asset of this Cognac. It will wonderfully surprise the lovers of Malts.

Price €63.80

Cognac Paul Giraud "Very Rare"

An amazing Cognac offered by the Paul Giraud House. This "Très Rare" has remained 40 years in oak barrels, to offer this eau-de-vie Premier Cru Grande Champagne.

Manly and spicy aromas, as well as a magnificent complexity when tasting. A confidential Cognac, “a name whispered only among hedonists”  - cf. The French Wine Review (RVF), April 2009

Price €149.00

Cognac Paul Giraud "Old...

A real gateway into the world of "real" Cognac, this Paul Giraud XO kept in barrels for about 25 years is soft and very flexible.
This Cognac, pure, balanced, and shows a marvellous elegance. Its multitude of fruity flavors will be perfect to accompany desserts and sorbets.

Price €74.00

Cognac Louis James XO

This Louis James XO Cognac comes from a subtle selection of eaux-de-vie. The three traditional grape varieties of Cognac merge here : Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche.

This great Cognac, delicate and harmonious, will delight lovers of gourmet sensations !

Price €96.00

Cognac Bourgoin - Cask...

A Cognac at the top of his art.

Nothing added to the barrel, percent proof at the degree of barrel, and bottled with same barrel-cognac.
The intervention on the barrel is minimal, and the magic operates alone within the barrel.

The Bourgoin House is here to demonstrate a great XO, that will delight the most expert connoisseurs of Cognacs. Bottle of 35cl, apothecary format.

Price €92.00

Cognac Bourgoin - Verseau

The Bourgoin House wants us to rediscover the taste of a real cognac made by winegrowers - by favoring a viticultural philosophy.

With Cognac Verseau, under the Aquarius sign, this mission is accomplished. This 5 years VSOP is a pure product, crafted without assemblies, without filtrations, without dyes and without additional sugar.

Aging in red barrels and old barrels of Cognacs. Distillation on fine lees. Infinite caring of the winegrower. All this elements offer this spirit a mahogany tree robe and a wonderful bouquet of exotic aromas.

Price €54.00

Cognac Meukow XO

The Meukow XO Cognac is the fruit of a high-quality blend. It’s a powerfull delight. The symbol of the Meukow House.

Thanks to the talent of Anne Sarteaux, Master Blender since 2007, that the spirits of Grande and Petite Champagne are perfectly assembled, to reach an balance between power and flexibility which characterizes Meukow cognacs.

Price €125.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux Kristof V

After 12 years of training alongside his father, Christophe Fillioux has recently became one of Jean Fillioux’s blender masters.

To celebrate this event, he presents his very first creation : the impressive Kristov V ! This Cognac will transport you with its creamy touch, along with its fruity and biscuit notes.

This edition is strictly limited to less than 500 bottles of type Decanter.

Price €160.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux Moulin...

The 19th century is coming to an end. Paris, with its ballet of light and cancan, is immortalized by the painter Toulouse-Lautrec. At the same time, in the calm hills of Charente, the House of Cognac Jean Fillioux is born.

It is from the meeting of Cognac and Cabaret worlds that the Jean Fillioux Moulin Rouge XO appeared : a dazzling and magical ballet of aromas and flavors. This Cognac is a tribute to more than a century of tradition and expertise.

This fruity and subtle Cognac will impress even the most experienced palate !

Price €182.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux So...

At the heart of the most beautiful and most typical lands of Grande Champagne, The Jean Fillioux House is a reference in the world of Cognac. This beautiful estate of 25 hectares produces the finest eaux-de-vie, under the"Premier Cru de Cognac" appellation.

And this elegant Elegant Cognac XO is not an exception. Floral, lively and voluptuous, in a word: Elegantissime !!

Price €107.50

Cognac Jean Fillioux 1994...

Harvested and distilled in 1994, this Cognac has been aged in French oak barrels, in a wet cellar.

In this 1994 Jean Fillioux Cognac, the nose is a singular experience. Its initial bouquet is powerful and long. And its subtle aromas move very subtly on the palate. Once again the Jean Fillioux House offers us a magnificent tasting Cognac.

"This vintage Cognac shows exceptional qualities for such a price - a great addition to any cognac chest"

Price €96.00

Cognac Jean Fillioux Star...

A great Cognac made for the fine mouths and the hedonists.

Indeed, this Star Gourmet cognac from the Jean Fillioux House was developed to be served with desserts and pastries ! It will be perfect to accompany almond cakes, like an epiphany cake or a pithiviers. But it will also delight all guests alongside brownies and desserts with chocolates!

This Cognac is dedicated to dessert lovers, in search of the perfect spirits for this moments of pleasure and sharing.

Price €87.50

Cognac Jean Fillioux...

A delicious classic from the Grande Champagne terroir !

The Cognacs Napoléon from Jean Fillioux are located between the VSOP and XO, and show a beautiful aromatic range for such young cognacs.

Served in a beautiful red and gold Eden carafe.

"An extremely present Cognac" - Axel & Bibiana Behrendt, Cognac, the Amateur's Guide

Price €63.50

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

A raw Cognac of red cask, which reveals a beautiful elegance. The Ragnaud Sabourin House offers us a typical Grande Champagne Cognac, with an intense Rancio.

An powerful Cognac, superbly balanced between mature notes and freshness. This Florilège will make you feel all the power of its barrel !

Price €160.00

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

A real tribute to the domain founder Gaston Briand. Indeed this Cognac N ° 35 Fontvieille elaborated by the Ragnaud Sabourin House is named after the oldest parcel of the field.

The alchemy of blending also follows the will of the first cellar master : a perfect marriage between Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard, which brings to this drink a wonderful balance.

Price €111.00

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

The Ragnaud Sabourin House has put all its expertise in distillation and aging of Cognac to create this N ° 25 XO.
This in order to create a rich and smooth Cognac, that whould be able to surprise the connoisseurs.

"Powerful, fruity, and delicate with notes of toasty orange and plum, an intense and peppery finish." Thibaud Dallemagne, for Cognac & Spirits This brandy is presented in its square Decanter bottle.

Price €99.00

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

Among the young Cognacs of the Ragnaud Sabourin House, this VSOP is a tribute to its origins as a Premier Cru of Cognac in Grande Champagne.

We are dealing here with a Cognac with exceptional sweetness, generosity and focused on vanilla and spices. Lovers of round and perfumed Cognacs please take note !

Price €44.50

Cognac De Luze XO Fine...

"An aromatic trilogy" by the De Luze House.

This XO Fine Champagne Cognac from De Luze is a blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie, aged and selected over the years by the cellar master of the Boinaud family.

After 20 years, all have reached this maturity that gives roundness and flexibility to this XO, as well as its wonderful aromatic palette.

Price €110.37

Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

An open book on history.

This wonderful Cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie passed down from generation to generation. This blend is made from 90% of cognacs from the 1900s, and 10% of spirits distilled before the phylloxera crisis of 1870.

The three grape varieties, Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche are present - but not only. This treasure from the Ragnaud Sabourin House also contains several ancient grape varieties that are now extinct : Jurançon, Blanc Rame, Bouilleaux, Balzac Blanc and finally Chalosse.

This legendary Cognac shows a sumptuous Rancio typical of the Grande Champagne Charente, enriched by marvellous fruity notes.

Unquestionably one of the greatest Cognacs in the world.

Sold in a 50cl bottle.

Price €949.00

Cognac Voyer "Terres de...

A magnificent 3 years old Cognac, aged in Limousin oak barrels. The Voyer House offers us this VS Cognac called "Terres De Grande Champagne", supple and floral, ideal to accompany dishes or be served as a digestive.
A beautiful entry into the world of Cognac and the fabulous terroir of Grande Champagne !

Price €36.00

Cognac Voyer VSOP

The Voyer House propose us this VSOP, assembled with 100% Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, in Premier Cru de Cognac. This blend of these eaux-de-vie from 7 to 14 years old, has been left in cask for 3 years. This method reduces the alcohol, while bringing a lot of flexibility to this Cognac.

"Satiny mouth, touch of liquorice, tender spicy feast ... an ideal introduction to the elegance of Grande Champagne" La Revue du Vin de France, 2011

Price €49.80

Cognac Voyer Napoléon

A magnificent Cognac, made from Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, aged from 12 to 20 years, by the Voyer House.

"The intense nose exhales vanilla, plum, but also the flowers of the woods. The palate, powerful and sweet, envelops the mouth with warm notes of oak, raisins, vanilla and candied citrus. A great classic to enjoy as digestive" Cuisine et Vins de France, November 2011

Among the great customers of this great Cognac : The Jules Verne, the awarded restaurant of Alain Ducasse, on the 1st floor of our Eiffel Tower.

Price €62.00

Cognac Voyer XO 1er Cru

This XO Cognac is a good start for novices, while remaining very attractive for connoisseurs !

Strong element of the Voyer collection, this XO Premier Cru is a must-try. Pierre Vaudon, brilliant Cellar Master for the Voyer House, has been in charge of this assembly of 10 to 25 years old eaux-de-vie.

This alchemy allows us to discover this XO in Premier Cru Grande Champagne. Two words : Power and Flexibility. This Cognac is presented in a carafe of 70cl.

Price €82.00

Cognac Voyer XO Gold

Under the leadership of Pierre Vaudon, Cellar Master at the Voyer Estate, real treasures are created. Including this legendary XO Gold Cognac.

"Business card of François VOYER, this XO Gold Cognac is reference in its category : several times gold medal winner, at major international competitions."

Thus, the delicacy of this XO Gold Cognac is no longer to be proved : hailed by the specialized press, such as the Revue du Vin de France, or Cuisine et vins de France. Its long aging in oak barrels gives it aromas of vanilla, spices and candied fruits. It will seduce you by its great length in the mouth and a creaminess worthy of an old brandy.

Price €109.00

De Luze VSOP Fine Champagne

It’s a beautiful VSOP Cognac proposed by the De Luze House. This one will be perfect for young Cognac drinkers: with a beautiful bouquet and a beautiful aromatic palette.

They will transform each tasting into a real moment of delight.

This Cognac has been awarded many times, including the famous International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Here is a quote of the judges who awarded it a gold medal: "Charming notes of tropical fruits and grapefruit on the nose, royally brought to the mouth with a roundness and a creamy appearance that reflects its finesse."

Price €36.00

Cogna Philbert Distiller...

Pierre-Olivier is one the two Philbert Brothers. His distiller talent makes possible to extract all the strength and the complexity of the fine lees of Grande Champagne from Touzac.

Let yourself be seduced by this Distiller Reserve full of balance and gluttony, produced by the Philbert House.

Price €45.00

Cogna Philbert Distiller...

Xavier is one the two Philbert Brothers. His distiller talent makes possible to extract all the the finesse of the Etriac Petite Champagne grapes.

Let yourself be seduced by this Distiller Reserve full of freshness and gluttony, produced by the Philbert House.

Price €45.00

Cognac Philbert "Dovecote"...

This "Dovecote" Cognac takes its name from the exceptional plot where the grape is produced : a hill dominated by a medieval dovecote.

"We created the Dovecote, a Cognac obtained by assembling eaux-de-vie from a unique terroir, at the top of a hill, the plot of the dovecote. It is an ideal place for the grape to grow, since there are a perfect exposure to sun and clay-limestone soil assimilating the water in summer. " Xavier, Philber Brother

Price €55.00

Cognac Philbert Rare Cask...

At the source of this rare Cognac Rare Cask Finish : the original sin of the Philbert House, the reinterpretation of the ancestral Cognac aging method.

This Cognac has been aged in Oloroso Sherry oak barrels, which offers this cognac all its intensity. There are warm and masculine sensations, in perfect balance with more round and generous notes.

This Philbert Brothers Cognac will not leave you indifferent. You should try it out.

Price €49.00

Cognac Philbert Rare Cask...

At the source of this rare Cognac Rare Cask Finish : the original sin of the Philbert House, the reinterpretation of the ancestral Cognac aging method.

This Cognac has been aged in oak barrels of Sauternes, which offers this cognac all its exotic notes. Fresh aromas, fruity and exotic.

Lovers of surprising Cognacs : this Cognac Philbert Brothers will not leave you indifferent.

Price €49.00

Cognac Deau VS

Here is the first born of the Deau family. This Cognac VS from the Moisans Distillery comes from a mastered elaboration of eaux-de-vie, distilled according to the traditional method of the Charentais still.

Aged for at least 2 years in new oak barrels, this VS offers beautiful notes of flowers and orange.

Price €41.90

Cognac Deau VSOP

The Moisans Distillery shows a great dexterity in the development of its young Cognacs. This VSOP is the result of a finicky blend of eaux-de-vie, aged for over four years in new barrels.

The care given to this Deau VSOP brings to this Cognac rich notes of spices and full of dried fruits.

Price €52.90

Cognac Deau Napoléon "Cigar...

Six long years. This is the minimum time necessary for this young XO aging, resting at 50% in red barrels, then 50% in new barrels. All the care brought to this Cognac makes it an emblem of the Deau collection, and shows the skills of the Moisans Distillery.

Rich, with warm and masculine notes, this Napoleon Cigar Blend has been designed to satisfy lovers of spirits and cigars. And it's a success ...

Price €79.00

Cognac Deau XO

The reference of the Moisans Estate. A beautifully balanced Cognac.

The success of this XO Cognac is in its blend of eaux-de-vie from Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. The youngest of these eaux-de-vie have been waiting in red casks for at least 10 years.

The carafe, designed by Véronique Legaret, is also unique. Its asymmetrical lines give it its energy and elegance, communicating the values of the Moisans Distillery : Rarity and Elegance.

Price €150.00

Cognac Deau "Black" Extra

"The name" BLACK "refers to the black color of blind tasting glasses used by our cellar master when selecting eaux-de-vie." Olivier Petit, General Manager of the Moisans Distillery.

This Cognac Deau Black Extra is born from an assembly of two XO. The first of Petite Champagne, the second of Grande Champagne : the two most beautiful terroirs of the Cognac country.

Price €250.00

Cognac Deau "Louis Memory"...

This high-end Cognac is a jewel. It was developed in tribute to the man who founded the Moisans Estate in 1685 : Louis Deau.

This Cognac Louis Memory Hors-d'âge is made from old and rare eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, the most prestigious terroir of Cognac.

Price €350.00

Cognac Deau L.V.O. "La Vie...

Life in Gold, the Taste of Elegance and Refinement.

The very high-end Cognac from the Deau collection, in the most beautiful carafe.

This Cognac La Vie en Or comes from the higher-quality eaux-de-vie of Grande Champagne. The carafe, as such, was covered with fine 24-carat gold leaves in the famous Arthus Bertrand workshop.

A spirit with a magnificent palette of sensations and aromas. A spirit that embodies the art of excellence.

Price €5,000.00

copy of Cognac Voyer - "The...

The Grande Champagne is a wealthy terroir, and “The Ancestral” is one of its witnesses.

This n°7 Batch created by The Voyer House is a blend of 50 to 80 years old eaux-de-vie. "It respects the very high level of our high-end collection, I am proud to present it today" Pierre Vaudon, cellar master for the Voyer House.

Beware, this rare collection is available in 142 bottles only - and the lot is already partly reserved!

Price €814.00