Pineaux and Old Pineaux

Pineaux and Old Pineaux

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White Pineau - Lhéraud

Maison Lhéraud  presents today its first White Pineaux des Charentes.

Drawing its strength from Cognac and wood, this pineau waited 7 years in oak barrels used in the production of Cognac.
The association of Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard grapes, as well as the Cognac of the Lhéraud family, gives birth to this high quality Pineau.

Price €14.90

Old White Pineau Fillioux

Beautiful Old Pineau proposed by the Jean Fillioux House.

Lovers of Pineau des Charentes please note this reference, in your are  in search of sensations and sweetness.
This old Cognac will be a perfect companion to your desserts ! It can match foie gras as well, and even aged cheeses, such as Cantal.

Price €25.90

Pineau François 1er Great Reserve

The Pineau François 1er, appreciated by French and foreign connoisseurs, was marketed for the first time in February 1934. Gaston RIVIERE, its creator, undertakes to put on sale only pineaux having aged in oak barrels

Price €49.00