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Their Passion : Quality

"In short, throughout the development of our Cognacs and in all aspects of their production, we seek to highlight this magnificent terroir that is Grande Champagne. And to give to our eaux-de-vie a clean character, made of power, strength and harmony, which are qualities traditionally associated with our Cognacs. "

Several families of winemakers and distilling experts have followed on the lands of the Voyer House. The vines are grown in Verrières and Ambleville in Grande Champagne - the Sun Belt of Cognac production, offering the best eaux-de-vie in Premier Cru de Cognac. Because the leitmotiv of Maison Voyer is "Passion for Quality".

Quality assured by an amazing Cellar Master : Pierre Vaudon. Through the blends, this guardian of the Voyer Cognacs quality, develops their unique signature : wax, dried fruits, leather, exotic fruits, lime, licorice with a spicy finish. "What you can expect from a Grande Champagne" will note the RVF

A quality that is therefore noticeable, and allows Cognacs Voyer to be present on the cards of the greatest restaurants - including the Jules Verne, the Alain Ducasse's restaurant in the heart of the Eiffel Tower !

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Cognac Voyer "Terres de Grande Champagne" VS

A magnificent 3 years old Cognac, aged in Limousin oak barrels. The Voyer House offers us this VS Cognac called "Terres De Grande Champagne", supple and floral, ideal to accompany dishes or be served as a digestive.
A beautiful entry into the world of Cognac and the fabulous terroir of Grande Champagne !

Price €36.00

Cognac Voyer - "L'Ancestral" Lot n°8

Beautiful witness of the richness of the terroir of Grande Champagne. This Ancestral proposed by the House Voyer is a blend of eaux-de-vie from 1948, 1958, 1960, 1965, 1971. "It respects the very high level of our very high-end, I am proud to present it to you today "Pierre Vaudon, cellar master for Maison Voyer.

Attention, this rare collection is drawn to only 186 copies.

Price €814.00

Cognac Voyer - Napoléon Grande Champagne

A magnificent Cognac, made from Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, aged from 12 to 20 years, by the Voyer House.

"The intense nose exhales vanilla, plum, but also the flowers of the woods. The palate, powerful and sweet, envelops the mouth with warm notes of oak, raisins, vanilla and candied citrus. A great classic to enjoy as digestive" Cuisine et Vins de France, November 2011

Among the great customers of this great Cognac : The Jules Verne, the awarded restaurant of Alain Ducasse, on the 1st floor of our Eiffel Tower.

Price €62.00

Cognac Voyer - VSOP Grande Champagne

The Voyer House propose us this VSOP, assembled with 100% Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, in Premier Cru de Cognac. This blend of these eaux-de-vie from 7 to 14 years old, has been left in cask for 3 years. This method reduces the alcohol, while bringing a lot of flexibility to this Cognac.

"Satiny mouth, touch of liquorice, tender spicy feast ... an ideal introduction to the elegance of Grande Champagne" La Revue du Vin de France, 2011

Price €49.80

Cognac Voyer - XO 1er Cru

This XO Cognac is a good start for novices, while remaining very attractive for connoisseurs !

Strong element of the Voyer collection, this XO Premier Cru is a must-try. Pierre Vaudon, brilliant Cellar Master for the Voyer House, has been in charge of this assembly of 10 to 25 years old eaux-de-vie.

This alchemy allows us to discover this XO in Premier Cru Grande Champagne. Two words : Power and Flexibility. This Cognac is presented in a carafe of 70cl.

Price €82.00

Cognac Voyer - XO Gold

Under the leadership of Pierre Vaudon, Cellar Master at the Voyer Estate, real treasures are created. Including this legendary XO Gold Cognac.

"Business card of François VOYER, this XO Gold Cognac is reference in its category : several times gold medal winner, at major international competitions."

Thus, the delicacy of this XO Gold Cognac is no longer to be proved : hailed by the specialized press, such as the Revue du Vin de France, or Cuisine et vins de France. Its long aging in oak barrels gives it aromas of vanilla, spices and candied fruits. It will seduce you by its great length in the mouth and a creaminess worthy of an old brandy.

Price €109.00

Liqueur de Griottes au Cognac

A sweet treat proposed by Maison Voyer

The most original, a delight!

You will appreciate its slightly acidic side and the subtlety of its core taste that give it a charm and elegance you will remember.

Price €26.00

Pear liqueur with Cognac

Fruit liqueur proposed by Maison Voyer

All the subtlety of William's eau-de-vie, perfectly married with the vivacious young brandy of Cognac that composed it.

Price €28.00

Raspberry liqueur with cognac

One of the "best-seller" Domaine Voyer!

Raspberry liqueur, slightly alcoholic, but slightly acidic and full of roundness.

It will leave you with the impression of tasting the raspberries ...

Price €26.00