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"A family Estate and Authentic Cognacs."

The Bourgoin House is run by a family of expert winegrowers. Their domain is located in the village of Tarsac, in the municipality of Saint Saturnin, Charente.

"Our cognacs are sincere and authentic. Here are no long speeches. The truth is in the bottom of the bottle, where you will find the emotion of a great cognac. Get this punch as a gift. Dazzled or stunned, you will not be left indifferent. "

F. Bourgoin

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Cognac Bourgoin - Cask...

A Cognac at the top of his art.

Nothing added to the barrel, percent proof at the degree of barrel, and bottled with same barrel-cognac.
The intervention on the barrel is minimal, and the magic operates alone within the barrel.

The Bourgoin House is here to demonstrate a great XO, that will delight the most expert connoisseurs of Cognacs. Bottle of 35cl, apothecary format.

Price €92.00

Cognac Bourgoin - Verseau

The Bourgoin House wants us to rediscover the taste of a real cognac made by winegrowers - by favoring a viticultural philosophy.

With Cognac Verseau, under the Aquarius sign, this mission is accomplished. This 5 years VSOP is a pure product, crafted without assemblies, without filtrations, without dyes and without additional sugar.

Aging in red barrels and old barrels of Cognacs. Distillation on fine lees. Infinite caring of the winegrower. All this elements offer this spirit a mahogany tree robe and a wonderful bouquet of exotic aromas.

Price €54.00

copy of White Pineau - Lhéraud

Maison Lhéraud  presents today its first White Pineaux des Charentes.

Drawing its strength from Cognac and wood, this pineau waited 7 years in oak barrels used in the production of Cognac.
The association of Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard grapes, as well as the Cognac of the Lhéraud family, gives birth to this high quality Pineau.

Price €30.00