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Luxury Cognac

Only the most beautiful bottles in the most beautiful cases.

Luxury Cognac

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Cognac Ragnaud Sabourin...

An open book on history.

This wonderful Cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie passed down from generation to generation. This blend is made from 90% of cognacs from the 1900s, and 10% of spirits distilled before the phylloxera crisis of 1870.

The three grape varieties, Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche are present - but not only. This treasure from the Ragnaud Sabourin House also contains several ancient grape varieties that are now extinct : Jurançon, Blanc Rame, Bouilleaux, Balzac Blanc and finally Chalosse.

This legendary Cognac shows a sumptuous Rancio typical of the Grande Champagne Charente, enriched by marvellous fruity notes.

Unquestionably one of the greatest Cognacs in the world.

Sold in a 50cl bottle.

Price €949.00

Cognac Deau L.V.O. "La Vie...

Life in Gold, the Taste of Elegance and Refinement.

The very high-end Cognac from the Deau collection, in the most beautiful carafe.

This Cognac La Vie en Or comes from the higher-quality eaux-de-vie of Grande Champagne. The carafe, as such, was covered with fine 24-carat gold leaves in the famous Arthus Bertrand workshop.

A spirit with a magnificent palette of sensations and aromas. A spirit that embodies the art of excellence.

Price €5,000.00

copy of Cognac Voyer - "The...

The Grande Champagne is a wealthy terroir, and “The Ancestral” is one of its witnesses.

This n°7 Batch created by The Voyer House is a blend of 50 to 80 years old eaux-de-vie. "It respects the very high level of our high-end collection, I am proud to present it today" Pierre Vaudon, cellar master for the Voyer House.

Beware, this rare collection is available in 142 bottles only - and the lot is already partly reserved!

Price €814.00

copy of Cognac De Luze...

De Luze House, now managed by the Boineau family, offers us this powerful Cognac, named after the domain founder : Lord Alfred De Luze.

During the tasting, it will mainly offer hot and dry notes. This Alfred Fine Champagne will pleasantly surprise you with its powerful and masculine finish.

Price €1,790.00