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Pioneers of the new French Spirits Valley.

A House of Exceptional Products

Maison Daucourt is known for the quality of its spirits, its respect for tradition, its art of distillation and blending. The love they bring to their spirits can also be seen through their elegant and refined designs.

Whiskeys of excellence ...

For four generations, Maison Daucourt has committed itself without compromise to the world of whiskey with patience, rigor and elegance. Recognized as one of the pioneer houses in the development of this spirit on the territory of Cognacs, it produces two excellent French Whiskies, combining aromas, strength and delicacy.

.... but not only !

Beyond the recognition given to its Bastille Whiskies, Maison Daucourt is also known to be the house of other exceptional spirits. Spirits, among which we can quote sparkling liqueurs, or the the Moulin Vodka - the best vodka in the world, according to the Chicago Beverage Testing Institute.


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Vodka Moulin by Jean Paul

"It warms up but does not burn." Distilled seven times and filtered by charcoal, this wonderful Vokda is one of the treasures of the Maison Daucourt.
The Moulin by Jean Paul Vodka is the highest rated in the world : Platinum Medal in 2013 - with 97 points awarded by Chicago's renowned Beverage Testing Institute.
Hard to find in classical shops, it is used by many great chefs and served in private clubs. Let yourself be seduced by its silky flavors of anise, pepper and sweets.

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French Single Malt Whisky - Bastille 1789

Discover the first Single Malt Whisky from the French Spirits Valley, made by Maison Daucourt's distilling experts.

Thanks to the water sources of the Charente, filtered for millennia by the limestone rocks, which offers a water of infinite purity to the Masters Distillers of Maison Daucourt.This Whisky has completed its aging in Bourgogne, Sauternes and Xérès barrels.

This unique and subtle spirit, with a slightly smoky peat, will charm Whisky aficionados as well as novices.

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French Blended Whisky - Bastille 1789

Discover the first Blended Whisky from the French Spirits Valley, made by Maison Daucourt's distilling experts.
This Bastille 1789 Whisky is very exotic and fruity ! This Blended is made from grain distillates aged between 3 and 8 years old.

It has completed its aging in Cognac and Sauternes barrels. Whisky lovers, please note : you must taste this "peat of the Charentes" at least once .

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