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Cognac De Luze "Alfred Fine Champagne"

De Luze House, now managed by the Boineau family, offers us this powerful Cognac, named after the domain founder : Lord Alfred De Luze.

During the tasting, it will mainly offer hot and dry notes. This Alfred Fine Champagne will pleasantly surprise you with its powerful and masculine finish.

Price €44.00

Cognac Bourgoin - Verseau

The Bourgoin House wants us to rediscover the taste of a real cognac made by winegrowers - by favoring a viticultural philosophy.

With Cognac Verseau, under the Aquarius sign, this mission is accomplished. This 5 years VSOP is a pure product, crafted without assemblies, without filtrations, without dyes and without additional sugar.

Aging in red barrels and old barrels of Cognacs. Distillation on fine lees. Infinite caring of the winegrower. All this elements offer this spirit a mahogany tree robe and a wonderful bouquet of exotic aromas.

Price €54.00

Cognac Voyer - VSOP Grande Champagne

The Voyer House propose us this VSOP, assembled with 100% Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, in Premier Cru de Cognac. This blend of these eaux-de-vie from 7 to 14 years old, has been left in cask for 3 years. This method reduces the alcohol, while bringing a lot of flexibility to this Cognac.

"Satiny mouth, touch of liquorice, tender spicy feast ... an ideal introduction to the elegance of Grande Champagne" La Revue du Vin de France, 2011

Price €49.80

Cognac Voyer "Terres de Grande Champagne" VS

A magnificent 3 years old Cognac, aged in Limousin oak barrels. The Voyer House offers us this VS Cognac called "Terres De Grande Champagne", supple and floral, ideal to accompany dishes or be served as a digestive.
A beautiful entry into the world of Cognac and the fabulous terroir of Grande Champagne !

Price €36.00

Cognac Deau - VS

Here is the first born of the Deau family. This Cognac VS from the Moisans Distillery comes from a mastered elaboration of eaux-de-vie, distilled according to the traditional method of the Charentais still.

Aged for at least 2 years in new oak barrels, this VS offers beautiful notes of flowers and orange.

Price €41.90

Cognac Deau - VSOP

The Moisans Distillery shows a great dexterity in the development of its young Cognacs. This VSOP is the result of a finicky blend of eaux-de-vie, aged for over four years in new barrels.

The care given to this Deau VSOP brings to this Cognac rich notes of spices and full of dried fruits.

Price €52.90